Kimball and Big Data

The final post in a 3 part blog over at IPL about where Kimball fits into Big Data. Spoiler: it isn’t one or the other. Find out more here

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Kimball and Analytics

The second part of a quick tour of how relevant Kimball is now. A quick look at analytics- where conformed dimensions are a useful part of your analytics toolkit. Kimball and analytics

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How relevant is Kimball nowadays?

Here’s the first in a three part blog looking at how relevant Kimball is, now we have Big Data, analytics and self service BI. Data is big right now, and people are always looking to the shiny new technology or approach. Do tried and tested data warehousing and dimensional modelling approaches have a place in this fast moving world? I start to take a look here

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Why your IT department should care about Power BI

Over at the IPL blog, I’ve written about how your IT department should be intimately involved with self-service BI initiatives and products, like Microsoft’s Power BI. Self-service BI, whilst being BI by the users and for the users, can really fly when assisted by your experts from the IT department. And it makes their life easier too. Take a look here.

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Nine gotchas of self-service BI

Here’s a blog I put together about getting self service BI right. Many organisations find it tricky finding the right place for self service BI and Data Discovery tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, and through various projects I’ve noticed where people often go wrong. These are all things for people to bear in mind as they consider the introduction of data discovery tools- so they can do it right.
The nine biggest pitfalls of self-service BI- and how to avoid them

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Microsoft buys Datazen

It has long been levelled at Microsoft’s BI offering that it doesn’t really have a ‘Mobile story’. This has gradually started to change- but third party offerings like Datazen and Roambi have been the only way people have been able to make use of their Microsoft investments in a mobile way. Yesterday, Microsoft announced they have acquired Datazen, the cross platform mobile BI vendor.

This is pretty good news for Microsoft customers. While the Power BI product gathers momementum, with its own mobile offering, it is very much a cloud solution. Datazen is currently positioned as Mobile BI for people with on-premises BI resources. So now Microsoft have a relatively complimentary offering- Datazen is going to cater for your mobile BI if you’re someone with Analysis Services, for instance.
From this good starting point, I’d expect Microsoft to further integrate the offerings as time goes on. It seems like a sensible purchase for them.

The good news is that current SQL Server Enterprise customers can download and start using the Datazen server product today.

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Other writing

Here’s a list of (some of the) other writing I’ve been involved in- more to keep a record for my own benefit than for anything else. I’ll keep it up to date as I go on.

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Why your IT department should care about Power BI

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9 pitfalls of self Service BI

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Data Integration

Evidence-based Decisions

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