SQL Server Denali CTP and Parallel Data Warehouse RTM

I was very excited yesterday about the announcements at SQLPASS re: the next version of SQL Server, codenamed Denali, newly released as a CTP. For more details check out SQLPASS 2010 Keynote.

Now the dust has settled, the important bits as far as BI is concerned are:

  • Column based storage in SQL Server: this gives amazing performance.
  • Project Crescent: a really visual, exciting web based reporting tool that takes Powerpivot to the next step. You can put together animated data visualisations, it is highly interactive- it looks amazing. You can even embed real interactive reporting in Powerpoint using it.
  • SSIS improvements: in this version we are due the biggest set of improvements to SSIS so far (which isn’t saying much as it has been fairly static since it was released)

They also announced the RTM of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (previously codenamed ‘Madison’) which gives huge scalability for Data Warehouses- 10s to 100s of terabytes apparently. However it is an appliance rather than a server you buy and control yourself, so this is for heavy duty/high cost DWs. Check out Microsoft’s page on the product

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