SQLBits 8- report

Having returned from SQLBits 8 with colleagues, I thought I’d share a few thoughts. As with last time, it was great fun and an excellent learning experience. Thanks to the organisers, speakers and vendors for making this happen. Herding geeks from session to session can’t be easy, but somehow it all seemed to work.

This time we all gathered by the seaside at Brighton, and we were lucky enough to have some beautiful weather, making it a great place to be.

Both Friday and Saturday were packed with interesting sessions- highlights for me were talks by Marco Russo and Jamie Thompson. In particular Marco’s session on BISM was very thought provoking, and he managed to pack in lots of insight without being able to show it to anyone due to NDAs!

The great thing about SQLBits is that it is organised by the community for the community. Although often you are in awe of the knowledge and passion of some of the SQL Server community’s leading lights, the whole set up encourages people to get involved themselves, and share their own knowledge and experience.

It was great to catch up with people from SQLBits 7 and meet new and interesting people, as well as the fun but humbling experience of repeated defeats to my colleagues at XBox Kinect.

SQLBits is exhausting but fun- it really is something a little bit special that is worth getting along to if you have an interest in SQL Server. The next one may be very interesting indeed, if Denali keeps to schedule…

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