How to make a paper aeroplane

The sun is shining and I am enjoying a rare few days off work, so I thought I’d come into the shade and go a little bit off topic. I first found out how to make this amazing plane back in the mid nineties, when people actually published books listing websites, and a site that showed how to make paper planes was very appealing to the still dominant geeky side of my character.

If you make this plane right, I promise it will glide gracefully across almost any size of room!

Start with a plan sheet of A4 paper: standard printer paper will do just fine.

Fold along the middle, lengthways

Open it out again

Fold a corner, 45 degrees angle so it meets the middle line

And the other corner to meet it.

Fold the whole pointy end over itself to meet the middle.

Turn it over and fold along the middle, so it looks something like this

Now here’s a tricky part. Fold the top left corner so the point meets the middle line, but a little bit should be left unfolded, as per this picture. The ‘stubby nose’ should be 1.5cm or thereabouts, but feel free to experiment.

Fold the other side to match

Now, take that stubby nose and fold a little triangle over. Then fold the other way and back again, to reinforce the fold.

Open the plane out slightly- you’ll see that you can prod the stub nose in using the triangle folds you’ve just made.

You now have a little flap that you can fold over, to make a sturdy right angle with the main plane’s bottom edge.

Turn the plane over and fold the other flap over to match.

Now another hard part! You want to create the wings of the plane. Imagine a line drawn through the tip of the little triangle you’ve just folded over, and half way up the tail end of the plane. Fold along that line to get your first wing.

Then fold the opposite wing to match.

You should end up with something like this- throw it horizontally and it will go for a long way!

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