Telling stories with data

Microsoft came a long way when they created Power View- one of the things I thought was most useful about it was its ability to help tell a story with data. Not only could you take people through your insights a page at a time, interactively, you could also output your reports to PowerPoint itself, to be interactive as part of the presentation.
Since then, Power View has become even more useful, being part of Excel 2013 (controversy about which SKUs of Office 2013 it is available in notwithstanding).

I’m pleased to see Microsoft is taking the idea of ‘telling a story with data’ seriously, exploring the idea further in their research labs. Check out this video:

Sketch Insight

How cool is that? The best bit about it, as far as I’m concerned, is that using BI in this way is surely not actually that far away. With the advent of Windows 8, many more people will soon have touchscreens.

So- I shall see you in the bright future! All that remains is for personal jetpacks to become mainstream.

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