Microsoft buys Datazen

It has long been levelled at Microsoft’s BI offering that it doesn’t really have a ‘Mobile story’. This has gradually started to change- but third party offerings like Datazen and Roambi have been the only way people have been able to make use of their Microsoft investments in a mobile way. Yesterday, Microsoft announced they have acquired Datazen, the cross platform mobile BI vendor.

This is pretty good news for Microsoft customers. While the Power BI product gathers momementum, with its own mobile offering, it is very much a cloud solution. Datazen is currently positioned as Mobile BI for people with on-premises BI resources. So now Microsoft have a relatively complimentary offering- Datazen is going to cater for your mobile BI if you’re someone with Analysis Services, for instance.
From this good starting point, I’d expect Microsoft to further integrate the offerings as time goes on. It seems like a sensible purchase for them.

The good news is that current SQL Server Enterprise customers can download and start using the Datazen server product today.

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